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Travel itinerary

We’re going to the land of fire and ice. After meeting for the reception and check-in, we will board the plane and after 6 hours we will land in Keflavik from where we will go to conquer Iceland.

We follow the famous Road Number One along the slopes of the famous Eyjafjallajökull volcano, whose eruption in 2010 paralyzed half of the world, to the most beautiful Icelandic waterfalls – Seljalandsfoss, the hidden Gljúfrabúi waterfall and Skogafoss located at the foot of another and dark volcano Hekla.

Then we will reach the most famous black beach in Iceland. Reynisfjara is fantastically formed basalt rocks and coal-black sand that contrasts with the whiteness of the waves and the blue of the ocean. One more glance at the famous rock on the Dyrhólaey peninsula, where some climbing awaits us. At the end of the day, we will drive through the charming town of Vík, where the largest outlet in Iceland with sportswear and traditional products made of Icelandic wool is located. Dinner and overnight in Vik.

From the very morning, there are many attractions waiting for us that day.

We will start with a visit to the Fjaðrá River Canyon. Fjaðrárgljúfur Canyon was formed by progressive erosion, which caused water from the glaciers to flow over the rocks for a long time, some say as long as 9,000 years. There is a two-mile walk ahead of us here, but it’s still a warm-up before visiting the next destination, which will be Vatnajökull National Park.

The pearl in the crown of this park is Svartifoss – a waterfall unlike any other in Iceland, due to the basalt rocks surrounding it, which were formed as a result of the contact of hot lava and salty cold ocean water. Another 3 mile long climb awaits us here.

From the National Park we will go to the tiny village of Hof. Stop there literally to take a few photos. The reason will be the charming Hofskirkja church.

The next place on our route will be the famous ice lagoon – Jökulsárlón and the diamond beach located right next to it. It is here, like nowhere else, that we will understand the meaning of the words – Iceland – Frozen, and it’s all thanks to the glacier, which flows directly into the ocean here, leaving lumps of ice everywhere, and also ice floes in the lagoon itself.

At the beginning, we will get on boats – pontoons and sail them, maneuvering between ice floes, literally to the front of the glacier. After returning to the shore, we will go to the beaches where the ocean spits out small blocks of ice on the shore. It is thanks to them that the beach is called diamond beach.

The next stop on our route will be Höfn or Hornafirði (both correct names). This Icelandic fishing town in the south-east of the country is the second largest in the south-east of Iceland and offers scenic views of the Vatnajökull volcano massif. This is where we will finish our sightseeing for the day and go to a well-deserved overnight stay in the vicinity of the town of Djúpivogur.

An Icelandic joke says “What do you do when you get lost in a forest in Iceland? Get up.” Exactly. Iceland is practically only mosses, lichens and bushes. There are few trees here, and there is only one real forest. It is Hallormsstaður which is a National Park.

The area is known for its pleasant hiking trails, wildlife and numerous species of trees. We will discover this area on the main road of the National Park, and then we will go to Seyðisfjörður – a historic town on the east coast of Iceland.

Settlement in Seyðisfjörður dates back to the earliest times of settlement in Iceland. The first settler was the Viking Bjólfur, who occupied the entire fjord and to this day we can admire the preserved elements of the town from that period. In addition, in the city and in the vicinity we will find numerous waterfalls and beautiful views worth our stop.

The next place we will visit will be the Stuðlagil Canyon located in the glacial valley called Jökuldalur. With the most basalt columns in Iceland and a stunning blue glacial river for contrast, Stuðlagil is one of Iceland’s hidden gems. Stuðlagil Canyon was formed when the force of a river so mighty that it was named three times (Jökla, Jökulsá á Brú and Jökulsá á Dal) burst from the Highlands to the northern islands.

After a walk along the edge of the canyon, we will continue our journey to the waterfall of the Selfoss-Dettifoss-Hafragilsfoss group of waterfalls. Each of them is beautiful and majestic. Each of them more powerful than Niagara and each of them worth the effort of the journey. And even though we’ll get wet, even though we’ll walk quite a bit from the parking to see them, it will be worth it! After all, these are the largest waterfalls in Europe and one of the largest in the world!

For a well-deserved overnight stay, we will go to the famous town of Húsavík. This is the capital of Icelandic whaling and the best place to observe these amazing, largest mammals in the world.

After breakfast, we will go on a whaleboat trip to look for whales in the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. If luck favors us, we will succeed, and the impressions will remain with us forever.

We will then continue our journey along the famous Icelandic Highway 1 to Grjótagjá, a small lava cave located near Lake Mývatn, famous for its beautiful geothermal spring in its heart. Throughout Iceland’s history, icy with jagged rocks, shrouded in total darkness and believed to be troll-inhabited, lava caves have been avoided by law-abiding inhabitants. So they were an ideal place for bandits who were excluded from Icelandic society by the parliament.

In the years 1975-1984, the Krafla Volcano erupted nine times, causing the water in the caves to boil and not suitable for bathing, but the cave is still worth seeing. Grjótagjá and the hot spring have a ethereal, otherworldly beauty that has attracted many Hollywood producers; HBO’s “Game of Thrones” even filmed one of the most iconic love scenes here!

Right next to the famous lava cave is the majestic volcanic cone of Hverfjall, climbing which is our next goal. The road from the parking lot to the top will not be long, and the views from the top are worth our effort. On this day, before the night, there is one more attraction waiting for us. It is undoubtedly the Waterfall of the Gods, or Goðafoss, which is located on the fourth largest river in Iceland, Skjálfandafljót. It is one of the most spectacular waterfalls in the country, falling from a height of 12 meters (39 feet) to a width of 30 meters (98 feet). The name Goðafoss means either the waterfall of the gods or the waterfall of “goði” or Priest. The reason why the waterfall was so named is the fascinating history that you will learn on the spot.

We are planning an accommodation for you on this day in the charming town of Akureyri, which, like the others, is a fishing port.

We have a long drive ahead of us today. Because from the north of the island we will get through the road running along the fjords and wasteland to the only part of Iceland where there is no volcanic activity, i.e. the Strandir-Westfjords peninsula, i.e. the western fjords.

On the way, we will stop for a rest in the fishermen’s village of Hólmavík, which, despite being inhabited by 375 people, is the largest settlement in the region. Despite its small population, Hólmavík has a fascinating history; is known in Iceland for its association with witchcraft and witch-hunts, and as such is home to the Museum of Icelandic Witchcraft and Wizardry.

Then we will continue our journey to the west of the peninsula to reach the westernmost point of the island, i.e. the Látrabjarg cliffs. This place is unique, high cliffs with a huge number of birds’ nests including puffins and wonderful panoramic views. We will stay here until the sun goes down and then we will spend the night in the vicinity of Patreksfjörður.

We will start the day by admiring the sunrise on one of the few sandy beaches on the island – Rauðisandur. It will be an opportunity to walk on the sand and admire the ubiquitous birds. Ornithologists call such a place Paradise!


Another paradise we will see on this day will be Dynjandi Falls (meaning “Thundering”). It is a whole group of waterfalls in the Westfjords and the largest of its kind in the region. Dynjandi is especially loved by nature enthusiasts and ambitious photographers who are able to capture this fantastic natural feature from many angles. We will probably also manage to capture the beauty of this place in the lens, and then we will go to Kirkjufellsfoss.

Literally translated as “church mountain”, it is a distinctly shaped peak located on the north shore of the Icelandic Snæfellsnes peninsula, a short distance from the town of Grundarfjörður. It is often called “Iceland’s most photographed mountain” due to its dramatic formation and perfect coastal location.

Nearby, on the same peninsula, we will find another beautiful object worth photographing, and it is Gatklettur Hellnar Arch. It is a famous naturally formed stone arch located between the villages of Arnarstapi and Hellnar. Gatklettur is especially spectacular for photographers, amateurs and professionals. The strange, swirling patterns on the rock itself are a testimony to the constant inundation of the ocean and make for a fascinating photographic object.

In the evening we will go to Reykjavik, where we will arrive late at night.

We will use the morning of that day to visit the capital of Iceland – Reykjavik. A capital unlike any other you have visited or will visit. It is in vain to look for guards, policemen or monumental government buildings here. Iceland also has its own style in governance, and you can see it while walking in the capital.

And what will we see here? Several monuments, including the statue of an anonymous official, the Drakkar – a Viking boat, or the eye-catching opera house called the Harp. We will also look at the city from the top of the Hallgrimskirkja church tower, which is the tallest building in the capital, and at the end of our stay in Reykjavik we will do something unforgettable. Something not to be missed when visiting this city and this country. Well… we will fly over the whole of Iceland for less than $ 50!!!

In the afternoon, we will go to the Reykjanes peninsula to cross the bridge between sulfur-smelling geothermal fields. A bridge connecting Europe and America in the literal sense of the word. It is a construction that lies between two continental plates – Europe and America.

In the evening of that day, we will go to the famous geothermal swimming pool, which is the Blue Lagoon, to experience the luxury and amazing sensations of bathing literally in the heart of the volcanic fields. We will return to Reykjavik for the night.

After breakfast, we will head back to the Reykjanes Peninsula, currently the most seismically active part of Iceland. This is where the Fagradalsfjall volcano erupts.

To begin with, we will visit the famous Raufarhólshellir lava tunnel, which was created several thousand years ago just below the surface of the earth. The next place we will see will be the thermal fields – Krysuvik, where, as in Yellowstone, we will find natural pools with bubbling mud and boiling sulfur. Experience at the highest level – guaranteed!

Afternoon and evening is the time to climb the active volcano Fagradalsfjall. Therefore, we will have to walk several kilometers uphill to the place where we will admire the crater, from which lava comes out literally at your fingertips. We stay here until the evening to watch this amazing attraction also after dark. We will return to Reykjavik for the night.

It is no coincidence that the ring of natural wonders and delightful souvenirs of Icelandic culture and identity is called the Golden Circle. It is here that we will see a spectacular plain by Lake Thingvallavatn, where for a thousand years the Althing – the Icelandic parliament has gathered (and to this day the most important celebrations in the island community take place). The famous series “Game of Thrones” was filmed here. However, the name of the Golden Circle shines most fully at the spectacular Gullfoss – Golden Waterfall on the Olfus River.

And for centuries, tourists have been making pilgrimages to Geysir, once the greatest Icelandic attraction, the prototype of all geysers. Today, the respectable and aged Geysir “rests” exploding only a few times a year. But right next to it is the young and vital Strokkur, which gives us a spectacular shot every 7-10 minutes. So don’t worry – we will definitely be able to capture this wonderful phenomenon in photos and videos.

We can end the day in the former baptismal place of Icelanders – the warm springs of Laugarvatn, and for the bravest – the opportunity to jump straight from the sauna into the icy lake. We will return to Reykjavik for the night.

And now the day has come to say goodbye to the land of fire and ice. After an early breakfast, we will depart for Keflavík airport, from where we will take the flight home.

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