Namibia 2024: Under the Starry Sky

11 days
09-20-2024 09-23-2025
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Price $3495

Price includes

  • Accommodation in hotels, double rooms, campsites, or tents.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Transportation throughout the tour.
  • English-speaking guide assistance.
  • Guidance from local guides.
  • Breakfasts and dinners.
  • Guided tours of Swakopmund city.
  • Exploration of the largest port in Namibia, Walvis Bay.
  • Exploration of the Skeleton Coast.
  • Entrance ticket to Etosha National Park.
  • Entrance ticket to Namib Naukluft Park.
  • Entrance ticket to Cape Cross Reserve.

The price does not include

  • The cost of international airfare.
  • Regular tips and personal expenses.
  • Fly-In Desert Safari (approx. $175).
  • Catamaran cruise and close encounters with marine animals (approx. $75).
  • Guided 4×4 Scenic Excursions to Sandwich Harbour (approx. $130).
  • Visa fees.
  • Travel insurance.

Namibia is, among other things, about open spaces, captivating landscapes, close contact with nature, incredible inhabitants, and the absence of mass tourism. It is an expedition for anyone seeking solitude in vast terrain, beautiful views, and observing wild animals.

Travel itinerary

Flight to Windhoek

The adventure in Namibia starts with passport and luggage check-in for the flight to the capital of Namibia – Windhoek.


Immediately after arrival, the first leg of our journey through Namibia’s wilderness begins. Several hours of driving on gravel roads await, along with the opportunity to admire the incredible, empty spaces and wild nature. By the afternoon, we will reach the town of Sesriem in the Namib Desert, located in the southern part of the Namib-Naukluft National Park. Accommodation in Solitaire. Free time.

Before dinner, from the lodge’s terrace, one can watch the beautiful sunset over the vast desert and fossilized dunes.

The Namib Desert

Today offers a day for rest, with an early morning excursion available for those interested in exploring the heart of the world’s oldest desert – the Namib. The journey reveals its red dunes, including Dune 45 and Big Daddy, one of the tallest dunes in the world.

A visit to Dead Vlei, one of the most photogenic places on earth, is also on the agenda. This valley, formed thousands of years ago by the once-flowing Tsauhab river, today showcases a forest of acacias that died a thousand years ago. The day presents an excellent opportunity to encounter African wildlife, such as oryxes and springboks.

Before leaving the national park, a short walk to the enchanting Sesriem Canyon, also carved by the Tsauhab River, is planned. The afternoon is for rest.

Swakopmund - The Tropic of Capricorn

After breakfast, the journey continues. The first stop is Solitaire – a charming desert stopover that feels like stepping back in time. Then, passing through the picturesque mountains and the Gaub and Kuiseb river canyons, the Tropic of Capricorn is crossed, where a pause for a photo session is planned.

By late afternoon, arrival in Swakopmund – a post-colonial town established by German settlers at the end of the 19th century. After a brief rest at the hotel, a visit to the Swakopmund pier is scheduled.

The day wraps up with dinner at a restaurant known for the best fish and seafood in the area, as well as stunning views of the sunset over the Atlantic. Trying the oysters, considered the best in the world here, is a must. Overnight stay in Swakopmund.

Walvis Bay - Sandwich Bay

Today’s destination is Walvis Bay – Namibia’s largest port. The exploration begins with an optional, several-hour cruise to observe seals, pelicans, and flamingos. With a bit of luck, dolphins and perhaps even whales might be spotted.

In the afternoon, for those interested, there’s an off-road vehicle expedition to a unique place where the high dunes of the desert meet the ocean directly. From the tops of the dunes, there’s a beautiful view of the lagoons surrounding Sandwich Harbour Bay. Overnight stay in Swakopmund.

The Skeleton Coast - Cape Cross - Uis - Tin Mine Town

Early in the morning, the journey continues through the Skeleton Coast. A stop at the wreck of the Zeila ship from 2008, one of the most famous wrecks, is planned. Then, the trip proceeds to Cape Cross, the largest colony of seals in the world, home to about 600,000 animals.

After lunch, the drive goes into the Erongo mountain region, where a walk around the beautiful Spitzkoppe mountain, rising solitarily from the vast savannas, awaits.

In the evening, arrival at a remote campsite is expected, where a communal dinner will be enjoyed, and the evening spent around a campfire. The Spitzkoppe region is an excellent place for admiring the Namibian sky. Overnight in comfortable tents equipped with beds and bathrooms.


After spending a night amid the sounds of wild nature and under thousands of stars, the journey continues with a walk among the rocks at the foot of Spitzkoppe, including visits to the Rock Arch, a natural rock pool, and other intriguing rock formations.

Following the walk, the next stop is the town of Omaruru for lunch at a restaurant by the winery, offering an opportunity for those interested to taste local wines and whiskey.

The journey proceeds to a beautifully situated lodge, from whose restaurant terrace animals visiting the nearby watering hole can be observed. The day concludes with dinner on a viewing platform at sunset, followed by an overnight stay in the vicinity of Omaruru.

The Etosha National Park

In the morning, the journey heads north towards Etosha National Park. After crossing the gate, several waterholes will be visited, followed by a lunch stop at the first camp, Okaukuejo.

After a short rest, an afternoon safari sets out, and by evening, arrival at the lodge within the park is expected. The evening will be spent at a waterhole, where rhinos can often be seen. Overnight stay is within the park.

The Etosha National Park - Safari

Early in the morning, the journey heads to Etosha National Park, one of the most unique and largest parks in the world. Spanning an area of 22,000 km^2, its center is a dry salt lake covering 5,000 km^2. This area has never been developed by humans and is one of the few such pristine places in the world, where the ecosystem has never been disturbed or altered.

During a full-day safari with a local guide, sightings of oryx, zebras, numerous antelopes, giraffes, elephants, and, with a bit of luck, lions and rhinoceroses are assured. The day will again conclude with a spectacular sunset. Overnight stay in one of the resorts in the Park.

The Himba village

At dawn, a final safari will be embarked upon in search of wild animals, which typically gather at the waterholes at this time. After leaving the park, a visit to a Himba village will occur. This group is one of the several ethnic groups in Namibia and the only one that still lives traditionally, as they did several hundred years ago. The distinctive attire made from skins and decorations not only marks social and economic status but also connects them deeply to their heritage.

Given that the Himba way of life is gradually changing with the advancement of civilization, this presents a unique opportunity to witness one of the last African cultures untouched by the modern world and to converse with people who still choose their culture and values over the adjacent Western culture. Around noon, the return journey to Windhoek will commence, with a stop for lunch along the way. Late in the afternoon, arrival in Windhoek is expected, followed by a farewell dinner. The stay concludes with an overnight at a hotel in the city center.

Departure from Windhoek

Depending on the departure time, there will be an opportunity for a walk around the city, souvenir shopping, or a visit to the Home of Good Hope – a canteen for the poorest children in the slums, run by Monica – a warm and charismatic Namibian woman who provides hundreds of children with the chance to attend school.

This day marks the end of our adventure in Namibia. After saying goodbye to the group, the journey to the airport begins, ready to return home and plan another journey with Rek Travel Adventure.

We recommend exploring other African countries like Kenya or Africa.

Namibia 2024: under the starry sky

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