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Guides Rek Travel

Guides, those who are responsible for making dreams come true!

They will accompany you to these more or less distant corners of the world. We have chosen them very carefully. They ensure that every client of ours feels safe and comfortable. They will guide you through the narrow streets of crowded bazaars, between the columns of ancient buildings, in the shadow of high peaks, amidst the roar of water and through vast desert sands. All our guides have a passionate love for the places we take you to.

Sometimes it is a passion born out of choice, and sometimes it is a legacy of ancestors that still flows in their veins. Among our guides are graduates of various universities, and their common feature is a colorful personality and the pleasure they derive from showing you their favorite places on earth. Each of them also hopes that this place will become special for you as well. The satisfaction of our clients is the most important thing for us.