Mexico 2024/2025: Day of the Dead

11 days
10-29-2024 10-27-2025
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Culture and history

Travel itinerary

Departure to Mexico City.

We will start our adventure with passport and baggage check-in.


Mexico City

We will begin our Mexican adventure with a journey to the Main Square of Zocalo. Here, we will see the baroque Metropolitan Cathedral with the figure of the Christ of Poison and the monument of Pope John Paul II. Then, we will head to a viewpoint where we can see the ruins of the Aztec temple Templo Mayor.

We will also visit the National Palace and the Plaza of Three Cultures. Afterwards, we will travel to Xochimilco, also known as the City of Flowers.

In the afternoon, we will participate in the Day of the Dead parade in the city center. Hundreds of artists dressed as the deceased, Catrinas, or holding skeleton dolls, parade through the city center to the rhythm of cheerful music. The Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico, due to their unique atmosphere, have been listed by UNESCO.

Taxco, Cuernavaca

Today we will visit Taxco. On the way, we will stop in Cuernavaca. During a stroll through the “City of Eternal Spring,” we will visit the sixteenth-century Cathedral and the former residence of Hernan Cortes. We will also visit a local artisan workshop to observe the production and processing of silver. We’ll see the products being made here and taste the local drink “Berta.”

In the evening, we will check into the hotel. Free time.


We will travel through the narrow streets of the city in curvy taxis, admiring the unusual architecture. The white houses with red roofs, entwined with lush vegetation, make an incredible impression. We will conclude the visit at the main square, where the historic church of Santa Prisca is located.

Then, we will head to Acapulco. Accommodation in the hotel and free time, which can be used, for example, to admire the sunset over the ocean.


On this day, we prioritize relaxation and recreation. For those interested, there’s the opportunity to spend the morning on the beach in Acapulco.

Then, we will embark on a cruise along the Bay of Saint Lucia. The journey is accompanied by live music. You can dance, learn salsa, and taste local drinks.

In the evening, we will head to La Quebrada to admire the Mexican sunset. La Quebrada is a spectacle worth the time spent. You can’t be in Acapulco and not see this show.


After breakfast, we will drive to Puebla, where we will admire the colonial-era buildings in the Indian Baroque style. We will climb the pyramid in Cholula and visit the Church of Our Lady of Good Counsel located there.

On this day, we will also see the Cathedral and the Rosary Chapel in the Santo Domingo Church. The beautiful and richly decorated Church of St. Dominic is the main attraction of Puebla, which hides numerous treasures.

In the evening, we will enjoy a stroll along the “Sweet Street,” tasting local sweets. Dinner and accommodation at the hotel.


We will drive to Teotihuacan, the ancient ceremonial and administrative center of the Teotihuacan people and the largest pre-Columbian city in Mesoamerica.

While there, we will see the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, the Palace of the Feathered Serpent, and the Pyramid of the Quetzalcoatl.

In the evening, we will spend time tasting tequila and learning about the process of obsidian crafting, the sacred stone from which the inhabitants of Teotihuacan made beautiful masks and figurines, inlaid with silver and precious stones. Return to the hotel. Overnight stay.

Mexico City

Today we will visit the site of the apparitions and see the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Guadalupe – the most important Marian sanctuary in Mexico and one of the most frequently visited Christian pilgrimage sites in the world.

Before returning to the hotel for the night, we will have the opportunity to participate in the unique celebrations of the Mexican Day of the Dead – Dia de los Muertos. On this day, all Mexicans rejoice and celebrate at the graves of their deceased family members. It is common for people to dress up as skeletons and consume specially prepared dishes for this occasion.

The costumes of the participants in the parades and the decoration of the graves often feature the color orange, which symbolizes death in Mexican culture.

Cancun, Chichen Itza

Morning flight to Cancun and transfer to Chichen Itza. This pre-Columbian Mayan city, although deserted over the centuries, still reminds us of the power of the population living here at the turn of the 10th and 11th centuries.

The most valuable monument we will see is the Temple of Kukulkan. We will also visit other noteworthy structures, including the Temple of the Warriors, Tzompantli, the astronomical observatory El Caracol, the largest ballcourt for the ritualistic ballgame in Central America, and the Sacred Cenote, where offerings to the rain god were once made, including human sacrifices.

From this point originates the name of the Chichen Itza complex, meaning “at the mouth of the well of the Itza.” Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Cancun, Tulum

After breakfast, we’ll head to the city of Tulum. The grey ruins juxtaposed with the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea will astonish not only history enthusiasts but anyone who lays eyes on this historical treasure left behind by the Mayans. Dominating the complex is the “El Castillo” or the Castle.

After exploring the ancient city, we’ll visit one of the countless cenotes – natural sinkholes located in limestone caves or caverns. For those interested, there will be an opportunity for a refreshing swim in the crystalline, freshwater.

In the afternoon, we’ll fly back to Mexico City. Accommodation and overnight stay.

Departure from Mexico City

Check-out from the hotel. Transfer to the airport, check-in, and flight to Chicago.

If you enjoyed Mexico, we invite you to join us for other adventures with Rek Travel Adventure. Maybe this time to India?

Mexico 2024: Dia de los Muertos

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