Amazonia: the green lungs of the Earth 2024/2025

7 days
08-13-2024 10-07-2024 08-11-2025
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Price $1200

Price includes

  • Airport transfers in comfortable air-conditioned vehicles.
  • Transportation by motorized boat.
  • Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner).
  • One bottle of mineral water per person per day.
  • Accommodation at Flor de Loto Reserve.
  • Accommodation at Marasha Nature Reserve.
  • Accommodation at Waira Selva Hotel in Puerto Nariño.
  • Accommodation at Waira Hotel in Leticia.
  • Continuous guidance by a professional guide through the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Assistance of a Polish-speaking guide.
  • Life jackets and waterproof rubber boots.
  • Entrance fees to the places mentioned in the program.

The price does not include

  • international airfare.
  • Tourist tax ($35 per person collected at the airport in Leticia).
  • Meals other than those specified in the program.
  • Tipping and personal expenses.
  • Travel insurance.


We invite you to participate in our tourism program, which will provide unforgettable experiences in the heart of the rainforest. Discover the wild nature, mysterious rivers, and meet with local communities while respecting the environment and culture of the region.

The magical Amazon awaits you!

Boat cruise

Culture and history

National parks


Travel itinerary

Flight to Leticia

After passport and baggage check-in at the airport, we take a flight to Leticia, a city located in Colombia on the left bank of the Amazon River. We spend the next few days in the basin of the queen of rivers – the Amazon.

Visit to the Village of the Witoto Tribe

After landing and collecting our luggage, we meet with our guide. Then, we embark on a journey to a village inhabited by the indigenous Witoto tribe. Our jungle trek begins on primitive trails into the heart of the land, where we admire the local flora and fauna.

Upon arriving at the village, we learn about the customs and traditions of this indigenous tribe residing in the Amazon. We discover their traditional methods of cultivating cocoa, banana, and manioc. We also visit a local shaman belonging to the tribe. The shaman shows us plants such as yage, coca, and tobacco.

These plants are used both for ritual purposes and for everyday life. The shaman tells us how they are utilized in Witoto culture. We become acquainted with the “Maloca” – a traditional large communal hut, a symbol of the tribe’s culture and traditions.

We  learn how coca is used in rituals as a power of speech and how yage serves as a shamanic source of strength and power. After the excursion, we have dinner. An additional highlight after dinner is a nighttime hike among the jungle’s nocturnal sounds and animals.

San Pedro, Flor de Loto Reserve

We  start the day with an early breakfast. Then, we drive to San Pedro and Flor de Loto Reserve, where we embark on a morning jungle walk. Continuing our trek through the jungle, we reach San Pedro – home to the largest tribe in the Brazilian Amazon – the Ticuna.

During our visit, we familiarize ourselves with the culture and customs of the local community and learn the secrets of the Ticuna language. We also observe their daily activities and learn about the products obtained from their crops.

After visiting San Pedro, we embark on a boat ride crafted by indigenous people through the Yahuarcaca gorge. We sail along the gorge to the Flor de Loto Natural Reserve, where we have lunch.

After lunch, we relax in hammocks amidst the Amazon jungle scenery. After resting, we take a traditional canoe ride across Lake Yahuarcaca, admiring the flooded jungle landscape. We also have the opportunity to swim in Lake Yahuarcaca. After dinner, we embark on a boat excursion to observe nocturnal animals.

With a Visit to the Marasha Reserve

After breakfast, we embark on a motorboat journey along the Amazon River to the Marasha Natural Reserve in Peru. During this impressive excursion, we admire the Amazon jungle and the settlements of indigenous tribes and settlers from Peru and Colombia situated on both sides of the river.

Upon arrival at the Marasha Natural Reserve, we embark on a approximately two and a half hour hike along natural trails through the marshy jungle terrain. During this hike, we learn about the flora and fauna characteristic of the várzea forest.

After reaching our destination, we have lunch, settle in, and then take a boat or kayak trip on Lake Marasha. We have the opportunity to observe exotic birds typical of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers. We also see impressive kapok trees, some of the oldest trees in the world, estimated to be around 400 years old.

After dinner, we once again board a canoe to cruise the river in the evening, with the chance to spot alligators. For those interested, there is an evening walk on land.


The jungle conquered!

Today awaits us a very early wake-up call and a canoe ride on Lake Marasha, where we have the opportunity to observe the bird species living there. Then, we return to the hotel for breakfast. After the morning meal, we embark on a hiking excursion along the banks of the Amazon River. We then journey downstream with the flow of the Amazon by boat to a village inhabited by the indigenous Mocagua tribe.

Upon arriving at the Mocagua tribe village, we learn about their village, customs, and types of crops. Our journey begins with the Maikuchiga trail leading to the shelter and rehabilitation center for monkeys, located in the heart of the Amazon rainforest. We familiarize ourselves with the monkey species treated at Maikuchiga, learn about their treatment processes, and their readaptation to life in the natural environment. We also learn about Mocagua’s involvement in the sanctuary’s life, the benefits it brings to them, and its impact on the ecosystem.

We have lunch in the Mocagua village. Then, we head to Puerto Narino, a small town located in Colombia. We begin with a stroll through the town and visit the Natutama Foundation, which works with indigenous people living along the Amazon River.

The foundation focuses on providing information on how to protect the natural environment, primarily by protecting rare animal species, such as river dolphins, turtles, and manatees. We also visit the Naipata viewpoint, which offers a beautiful view of Puerto Narino and the Amazon River.

After visiting the Natutama Foundation, we head to Lake Tarapoto, where we have the opportunity to see Amazon and pink river dolphins living in the waters of the Amazon and Orinoco rivers.

Accommodation provided at a hotel in Puerto Narino.

Visit to the traditional Ticuna household

After an early breakfast, we pay a visit to a traditional Ticuna household. During our visit, the tribal elders acquaint us with traditional plant species and demonstrate their usage in traditional natural medicine. We listen to their stories and traditional songs.

We learn the technique of handcrafting woven baskets from fibers of the local palm tree. Additionally, we observe the creation of paintings on tree bark. We also become familiar with the technique of using blowpipes, a hunting weapon, as well as bows.

After our village visit, we have lunch in Puerto Narino, followed by a boat trip on Lake Tarapoto, where we once again observe Amazon and pink river dolphins.

Overnight stay.

Departure from Leticia

After breakfast, we return to Leticia, where we visit the local market and artistic galleries. After exploring the Colombian city, we drive to Tabatinga, located in Brazil.

Here, we also visit the local market and the Comara viewpoint. This is where our journey ends. After exploring Tabatinga, we head to the airport to return home.

If the Amazon has stolen your hearts, we invite you to join us on further adventures with Rek Travel Adventure. Perhaps this time to Chile and Bolivia?

Amazonia: the green lungs of the Earth 2024/2025

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7 days

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