Historical Greece Expedition 2024

12 days
05-14-2024 10-21-2024 11-18-2024
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Welcome to “Echoes of the Past: Historical Greece Expedition 2024,” an extraordinary journey that will transport you through the annals of time to explore the rich tapestry of Greece’s storied history. Prepare to be captivated by the ancient wonders, mythological landscapes, and cultural treasures that have left an indelible mark on the world.

Join us as we traverse the landscapes that once witnessed the rise of philosophers, poets, and warriors. Immerse yourself in the tales of gods and heroes that have shaped the very essence of Western civilization. Our expert guides will illuminate the historical significance of each site, allowing you to connect with the soul-stirring stories that define Greece’s cultural legacy.

Culture and history

Travel itinerary


Flight to Athens

Embark on an enchanting journey through Historical Greece, a destination that promises to captivate the hearts of all.

Commencing with passport and baggage check-in, our expedition takes us to Athens, where we delve into the profound historical tapestry of this culturally rich nation. The winter season casts a unique light upon Athens, offering a distinctive perspective for our exploration.

Historical Greece



Upon arrival in Athens, our journey commences with a leisurely stroll to Plaka, the ancient district nestled in the heart of the Greek capital.

Exploring the oldest Byzantine churches, such as Panagia Kapnikarea and Mikri Metropoli, we unravel the historical charm of Greece. An overnight stay in Athens marks the beginning of our immersive experience in this captivating destination.

Historyczna Grecja



On the second day of our Greek odyssey, our exploration begins with the iconic Athenian Acropolis, home to the renowned Parthenon, a symbol of Christian heritage, and a historical gunpowder arsenal from the Ottoman Empire.

Continuing our journey, we traverse the Athenian hill, immersing ourselves in the historic sites of the Pnyx, the Hill of the Nymphs (Filopappou), and the Areopagus.

As the day unfolds, we witness the ceremonial changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, adjacent to the Parliament. Our itinerary then leads us to the Panathenaic Stadium, the historic venue of the inaugural modern Olympic Games.



Today’s expedition extends to the enchanting town of Arachova, celebrated for its picturesque landscapes, crisp air, and winter sports offerings. Our exploration leads us to the illustrious Oracle of Apollo, a site that held sway over the destiny of the ancient world for 1700 years.

Our journey includes a pause at the Thermopylae Gorge, a hallowed ground where one of the most pivotal ancient battles unfolded…



Today’s venture unveils the mystique of medieval monasteries, havens for local monks for centuries. Among the original 24 monasteries, six now welcome visitors, providing a glimpse into Byzantine architecture and monastic interiors.

Our journey ascends to 570 meters above sea level, reaching the ancient mountain village of Old Panteleimonas. The panoramic views of the Olympic Riviera from this vantage point are truly awe-inspiring.

As the day concludes, we’ll make our way to the town of Litochoro. A restful overnight stay awaits in Paralia.



Exploring the historical tapestry of Greece, our journey extends to Thessaloniki. We’ll immerse ourselves in the rich heritage by visiting iconic landmarks like the White Tower, the Alexander the Great monument, the historic city center tracing the Roman road Egnatia, and cultural treasures such as the Museum of Byzantine Art and the churches of St. Demetrius and St. Sophia. Our exploration extends to the sites of Hosios David, the Rotunda, the Galerius Walls, and the Thessaloniki Acropolis.

As the day unfolds, our travels lead us to Ouranoupoli for a restful overnight stay.



Embarking on a captivating maritime journey, we set sail along the western coast of Mount Athos. The cruise will bring us within 500 meters of the sacred territorial waters of Athos, unveiling the grandeur of its 20 monasteries and numerous hermitages from the deck of our ship.

Following the maritime adventure, we’ll return to Ouranoupoli, preparing to traverse the scenic landscapes of western Greece. Our day concludes with a serene overnight stay in the vicinity of Ioannina, the present capital of Epirus.



Our day commences with a leisurely stroll along the shores of Lake Pamvotida, nestled at the foot of Mount Mitsikeli. Subsequently, we delve into the rich history of Ioannina, a city with roots tracing back to the Byzantine era. A tapestry of Greek, Roman, Jewish, Slavic, and Ottoman Turkish influences intricately weaves the narrative of this captivating destination.

In the afternoon, our expedition carries us to the ancient sanctuary of Olympia in the Peloponnese. As the day unfolds, we prepare for a restful overnight stay.



Our day unfolds with a visit to the ancient sanctuary of Olympia, where historical echoes resonate through structures like the Temple of Hera and the Temple of Zeus, housing the masterful sculpture by Phidias.

In the afternoon, our journey leads us to Areopoli on the Mani Peninsula, followed by a venture to Vathia. This town, steeped in tales of vendettas, unveils the architectural marvels of Maniot homes with imposing towers and petite windows. Our day concludes in Gythio for a well-deserved overnight stay.



Our day commences with a leisurely stroll to the legendary lighthouse, believed to be the starting point of Paris and Helen’s journey to Troy.

Our journey continues to the city-fortress of Monemvasia, a 6th-century marvel perched on a lofty rock, connected to the mainland by a slender causeway.

As the day winds down, we’ll head to Sparta, nestled at the base of Mount Taygetos, where we will settle in for a restful night.



Following breakfast, our journey takes us to Mystras, a unique late Byzantine settlement nestled on the slopes of Mount Taygetos. The medieval frescoes adorning the church ruins are particularly striking.

Our next destination is Mycenae, where we’ll explore the Mycenaean citadel, the iconic Lion Gate, the museum, and the Tomb of Agamemnon.

In the afternoon, we’ll venture to Epidaurus to marvel at the renowned theater celebrated for its exceptional acoustics. Additionally, we’ll explore the sanctuary of Asclepius, a center for treating various ailments.

As the day concludes, we’ll travel to Nafplio. In the city center, Syntagma Square awaits, adorned with historical buildings and the Museum of Mycenaean Art. We’ll check in for the night.


Departure from Athens

We trust you relished the exploration of Historical Greece. As we bid farewell to the group, our journey concludes, and we proceed to the airport.

For future adventures, consider our trips to Europe, this time during a different season: Portugal, Spain, and many more beckon. Until our paths cross again, safe travels!

Historical Greece 2024

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12 days

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