Rome 2024/2025: where all roads lead

6 days
09-10-2024 09-10-2025
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Rome is stunning and dazzling. The number of landmarks that must be seen is dizzying. It is said that it takes several years to explore all the corners of this city. Probably that’s why it’s considered one of the most popular tourist destinations. It’s regarded as the cradle of civilization and culture and has been intricately linked with the church for centuries..

Culture and history


Travel itinerary

Departure to Rome.

Passport and baggage check-in and flight to the capital of Italy – Rome. The city was most likely founded in 753 BC, and its history remains a mystery to this day. One legend says that the city was founded by the Trojan War hero – Aeneas, while another is associated with the legend of the brothers Romulus and Remus.


The Colosseum, the Roman Forum, and Piazza Venezia

After arriving in Rome and checking into the hotel, we will take a stroll through the “Eternal City”. Our first steps will lead us to the most famous building in the city – the Colosseum, primarily used for gladiator fights. Today, it is a symbol of Rome and one of the most visited archaeological sites in the world. We will have the opportunity to see this marvel of ancient architecture both from the outside and inside. We will also taste traditional Italian pizza for lunch.

After lunch, we will visit the Arch of Constantine and the Arch of Titus. Then, we will explore the Roman Forum – the place where the most important political ceremonies took place. We will end the day at Piazza Venezia, which served as the residence of popes until the 16th century and, during fascist Italy, was the residence of Benito Mussolini.

The Trevi Fountain, Spanish Steps, Piazza Navona

After breakfast, we’ll set out to visit the Fontana di Trevi, where one of the most famous scenes in Italian cinema, from Federico Fellini’s “La Dolce Vita,” was filmed. Next, we’ll stroll along the longest and widest staircase in Europe – the Spanish Steps, consisting of 138 steps.

Our next stop will be the Pantheon, the best-preserved ancient building in Rome. Then, we’ll head to Piazza Navona, home to the stunning Fountain of the Four Rivers (Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi), considered one of Bernini’s masterpieces of Baroque art.

We’ll conclude our tour for the day at the Angel’s Bridge (Ponte Sant’Angelo), one of the most famous bridges over the Tiber River. The bridge is adorned with 17th-century sculptures depicting angels, designed by Bernini. Across from the bridge stands the Castel Sant’Angelo, an imposing structure that dominates the skyline.


After breakfast, we will briefly leave Rome to visit Tivoli, one of the most interesting towns near Rome, famous for its ancient monuments, gardens, and beautiful fountains.

The main attraction is Villa d’Este, where the hallmark of the villa is the flowing water and shaded avenues. Numerous fountains, ponds, and lakes are fed by water from the Aniene River. Upon returning to Rome, we will have some free time to explore the narrow streets on our own. We can taste tiramisu or have a glass of wine at the roadside trattorias.


Today, we will visit the smallest country in the world – the Vatican City. The Vatican City is a Roman Catholic religious and cultural center, shrouded in many mysteries and secrets. Within its walls lies the Vatican Museums with a rich collection and the Sistine Chapel, whose ceiling painted by Michelangelo is a masterpiece of Renaissance art.

The tour of the Vatican Museums covers over 7 km. The highlight of the Vatican Museums visit is the Sistine Chapel. This chapel is known for hosting the conclave, the election of a new pope. After exiting the museum, we will head to St. Peter’s Square, dominated by St. Peter’s Basilica. This is where pilgrims and tourists from all over the world gather.

After the visit to the Vatican, we will have free time for some last-minute shopping and to enjoy Italian delicacies.

Departure from Rome

Today, we conclude our Italian vacation and head to the airport. Those who tossed a coin into the fountain don’t have to be sad because their return to Italy is guaranteed. We invite you to join us for more weekly trips with Rek Travel Adventure. Perhaps this time, London?

Rome 2024: The city where all roads lead.

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6 days

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