Southern Poland 2024

“Southern Poland” features beautiful mountain landscapes, the extraordinary salt mine in Wieliczka, and a history connected to Wawel and Polish kings, as well as the Holocaust in Auschwitz.

Greece is not just about the sun, beaches, and warm sea baths… The monuments of ancient and Byzantine Hellas can be explored all year round. If you want to savor a different Greece without the heat and tourist crowds, don’t wait any longer and join us today. Historical Greece is within your reach.

The journey to Peru is a voyage through time and space, thanks to the history and heritage of this country. In this place, ancient civilizations blend with charming landscapes, creating a unique experience. The ancient ruins of Machu Picchu allow you to immerse yourself in the mysterious Inca culture, while the Rainbow Mountains offer an extraordinary adventure for enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Discover it for yourself by embarking on a journey with Rek Travel Adventure.

South Korea is a country where traditional cultural heritage blends with modern achievements, creating a unique journey with a rich cultural history. The country captivates with the richness of art, music, pop culture, and the vision of technological progress. If you are ready to see this contrast with your own eyes, join us today!



Brazylia, Argentyna, Urugwaj  – wielka trójka Ameryki Południowej. To miejsca, które wielu odwiedza, aby zobaczyć słynny pomnik Chrystusa Odkupiciela, Copacabane, Wodospady Iguazu, Paraty czy historyczne dzielnice Bueanos Aries i  urokliwe miasteczka Urugwaju. Miejsca o bogatej historii i kulturze, pełne gwaru życzliwych mieszkańców i unoszącego się zapachu tamtejszych potraw.


Greece is a land of sunshine, rich history, magnificent monuments, and delicious cuisine. That’s probably why it’s often referred to as Arcadia, or heaven on Earth. It must be acknowledged that life in Greece moves at its own pace. Here, no one is in a hurry. And it’s no wonder, as before our eyes, charming villages, beautiful landscapes, and fascinating architecture are bathed in the warm rays of the sun…

Greece Trip: The Charm of Arcadia

Ola España! Spain is a country hidden with many curiosities. The atmosphere here is fun and relaxed. When talking about Spain, we suddenly think of sunny beaches, energetic flamenco dance with sound of guitars in the background, the taste of paella and an afternoon siesta. There are also many famous sights in the country, such as the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona or Plaza de Espana in Seville. Everyone can find something of their liking here.



Algieria to największe państwo Afryki, w 80%  pokryte zjawiskowymi pustyniami. Co zaskakujące, piasek zajmuje mniej niż jedną piątą rozległej pustyni Sahary. Resztę obszaru pustynnego  stanowią surowe góry, równiny żwirowe i suche słone jeziora. Z tego powodu 90% ludności zamieszkuje wybrzeże. Ale Algeria to również kraj, gdzie  najwspanialsze zabytki, starożytne ruiny i wykopaliska archeologiczne przenoszą nas w podróż w czasie.

Shalom Israel!!! Welcome to a country located at the junction of three continents, which has become a melting pot of culture, climate and nature. And though small in size, it is so big and culturally real. Everyone who arrives here for the first time is surprised by the richness of nature, cultural differences, taste and variety of the local cuisine. Israel is not only a ubiquitous religion, but you can also experience mountain climbing and canyons, visits to historic cities, as well as walks on the beach.

Join us for Iceland Adventure now to fall in love with an amazing country. Named the land of fire and ice, Iceland is considered part of the European islands. However, due to its distance from the continent and the distinctiveness of its environment, this statement is not unequivocal. Iceland is actually located at the junction of two continental plates: the European and the American. A trip to Iceland means waterfalls, volcanoes, glaciers, and geysers – sights for which you need to be prepared. The wild nature provides a sense of freedom and closeness to the natural world. Descriptions are unnecessary here – you must see and experience it in person.