Lake Como and Southern Italy 2024/2025

Surrounded by picturesque Alps and charming Italian towns, Lake Como is an undeniable gem of Northern Italy. Its extraordinary beauty and rich history make it a destination that attracts travelers from around the world, seeking tranquility and the beauty of nature. Our program will take you on an unforgettable journey through this scenic region, not only discovering the charm of the lake itself but also exploring the fascinating culture and traditions of Southern Italy.

We will begin our journey from the shores of Lake Como, where mysterious alleyways and historic buildings will immerse us in the atmosphere of this place’s rich history. Let’s then move on to the southern areas of Italy, where culinary traditions, music, and art blend in a unique way, creating unforgettable experiences.

Throughout our program, we will explore not only well-known tourist attractions but also hidden treasures and authentic experiences that will make you fall in love with this part of Italy. We will delve into the local cuisine, discovering the flavors and aromas that distinguish Southern Italy. We will meet with local artists and craftsmen to understand their passion and contribution to the preservation of cultural heritage.

Guatemala is one of the most geographically and climatically diverse small countries in the world. It also has many noteworthy places to discover, such as ancient Mayan ruins lying in the jungle, the colorful colonial city of Antigua, and magnificent volcanoes throughout the country.


Portugal is a country of vast beaches and steep cliffs, romantic cities and charming fishing villages, Moorish landmarks, and contemporary architecture. It is an extraordinary country that delights with the taste of Portuguese port wine, the melancholic music of Fado, and the incredible art of hand-painted Azulejos – ceramic tiles covered with glaze.

Polynesia, especially French Polynesia, stands out as one of the most enchanting corners on Earth! Thousands of scattered paradise islands, among them Bora Bora – a masterpiece of nature. The azure lagoon, sandy beaches, mountainous landscapes, and tropical atmosphere captivate everyone who visits this island. It is a haven for enthusiasts of luxurious relaxation…