Albania with Macedonia 2024: a Balkan duet for everyone.

North Macedonia is a country often referred to as the pearl of the Balkans. Its main tourist center is the capital city – Skopje, as well as Lake Ohrid, so vast that its end disappears beyond the horizon. Albania, on the other hand, boasts 362 kilometers of beautiful coastline with wide, sandy beaches, as well as cultural diversity.

The Balkans is a region formed by countries that are strongly connected with each other both historically and culturally. The Balkan Peninsula includes: Montenegro, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Greece, Northern Macedonia, Bulgaria and partly Serbia, the southeastern edge of Romania and the European part of Turkey. In the Balkans you will find the most beautiful and diverse landscapes in all of Europe. They delight us with sea, mountains and delicious cuisine. They encompass a huge region that surrounds as many as five seas!