Mount Fuji (3776 m) and Nakasendo Trail – Japan 2024/2025

We invite you to an extraordinary blend of Japan’s history and culture with its stunning landscapes and climbing iconic Mount Fuji. Over the course of several days, we will explore the charms of one of the world’s largest metropolises – Tokyo, before embarking on foot to explore ancient feudal routes. We will immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the samurai era, taste local dishes and drinks, rest – just as travelers did centuries ago along the famous Nakasendo trail from Kyoto to Tokyo. Finally, we will ascend to a sacred place, the second highest volcano in Asia and the highest peak in Japan – the majestic Mount Fuji.

Welcome to the land of cherry blossoms and the rising sun. Japan is a country of contrasts, where tradition blends with modernity. Our tourist program invites you to discover the richness of culture, heritage, and extraordinary experiences that this fascinating island nation offers.