Cameroon 2024/2025: Miniature of Africa

10 days
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Price includes

  • Accommodation in high-standard tourist hotels in double rooms.
  • Private transportation.
  • Airport transfers.
  • Breakfasts.
  • Local guide assistance.
  • English-speaking guide assistance.
  • City tour of Douala.
  • Entrance ticket to the Museum of Civilization.
  • Visit to the Ekom Nkam waterfalls.
  • City tour of Foumban.
  • Visit to the Batoufam open-air museum.
  • City tour of Yaoundé.
  • Entrance ticket to the Mefou Primate Park.
  • Boat trip along the Nyong River.
  • Entrance ticket to the pygmy cave in Akok Bekoé.
  • Visit to the village of Lolodorf.
  • Kayaking on the Lobo River.
  • Entrance ticket to the wildlife reserve on Edea Island.
  • Entrance ticket to the Limbe Botanical Garden.

The price does not include

  • International airfare.
  • Meals not mentioned in the program.
  • Customary tips and personal expenses.
  • Travel insurance.
  • Visa costs.

Welcome to “Cameroon 2024: Miniature of Africa” – a captivating program that invites you to embark on a journey into the heart of a nation that truly embodies the rich diversity and cultural tapestry of the African continent.

Cameroon, often referred to as “Africa in Miniature,” is a country where landscapes range from lush rainforests to arid savannahs, mirroring the continent’s varied ecosystems. Our program is crafted to immerse you in the vibrancy of Cameroon’s traditions, the warmth of its people, and the breathtaking beauty that defines this miniature African jewel.



Culture and history

National parks



Travel itinerary

Flight to Cameroon

Welcome to the commencement of our journey in Cameroon, where our exploration begins with the essential processes of passport and baggage checks.

Cameroon stands as an extraordinary destination, offering a geographical tapestry that ranges from expansive deserts to lush rainforests and majestic volcanoes.

This diverse topography positions Cameroon as a coveted destination for the discerning traveler, enticing those with a penchant for the extraordinary.

Cameroon 2024: Miniature of Africa


Upon arrival in Douala and a brief period of relaxation at our chosen hotel, our immersive exploration of this vibrant city will commence.

Our journey unfolds from the city center, a hub of historical and contemporary significance. As we traverse the bustling streets, our initial destination is the seaside boulevard, offering panoramic views and a delightful ambiance. This leisurely stroll along the waterfront will guide us towards the Maritime Museum, a repository of maritime heritage and a testament to Cameroon’s rich maritime history.

Continuing our cultural odyssey, we will visit the Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul Cathedral, an architectural marvel that stands as a symbol of religious and historical importance. This sacred site provides insight into Douala’s spiritual heritage and offers a serene pause amidst our city exploration.

Our itinerary further unfolds with a visit to the Royal Bell Palace, a regal edifice steeped in tradition and cultural significance. Here, we will delve into the history and customs associated with this architectural gem, gaining a deeper understanding of the cultural tapestry woven into Douala’s urban landscape.

Ekom Nkam Waterfalls

Following a nourishing breakfast, our expedition will lead us to the enchanting Ekom Nkam waterfalls, nestled in the heart of the lush jungle.

Upon reaching the falls, we will indulge in an extended break, allowing ample time to absorb the awe-inspiring beauty of Ekom Nkam. Here, the symphony of cascading waters harmonizes with the serenity of the surrounding jungle, creating an immersive experience amidst nature’s grandeur.

Our journey continues towards Dschang, where we will traverse scenic routes offering glimpses of local agriculture, including cocoa plantations, Penja pepper fields, and orchards of pineapple, papaya, and coffee. The backdrop of the Dschang mountains enhances the picturesque journey, providing a captivating panorama for our discerning travelers.

Upon arrival in Dschang, our exploration takes an enlightening turn at the Museum of Civilization. This institution offers a profound insight into the history of Cameroon, unveiling the layers of cultural heritage that contribute to the nation’s identity.

As evening approaches, we will retreat to our selected hotel in Dschang, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating overnight stay.

Join us as we seamlessly blend natural wonders, cultural exploration, and educational insights, crafting an unforgettable chapter in your Cameroon adventure.


After breakfast, our journey unfolds as we set forth for Foumban, a city steeped in profound historical significance. Once the capital of the western kingdom of Cameroon, Foumban played a pivotal role in fostering culture, particularly following the embrace of Islam in the late 19th century.

Our exploration of Foumban will encompass key landmarks, including the illustrious Sultan’s Palace, a testament to the city’s regal past and architectural splendor. The Museum of Art and Tradition, another notable site, offers a curated glimpse into Cameroon’s rich cultural heritage, displaying artifacts that narrate the story of the region.

Our itinerary extends to the vibrant local market, providing an opportunity to procure unique souvenirs and partake in the flavors of local cuisine. This cultural immersion invites you to savor the authenticity of Foumban’s daily life and artistic expressions.

As the day draws to a close, we will find repose and accommodation at a selected hotel in Bafoussam, ensuring a restful overnight stay.


Following a satisfying breakfast, our itinerary directs us to the Batoufam open-air museum, a cultural enclave where the rich heritage of the region unfolds. A visit to the Royal Palace will showcase the finest creations of local craftsmen, displayed in artistic shops that capture the essence of Batoufam’s artistic prowess.

In the afternoon, our journey transitions as we drive towards Yaoundé, the capital of Cameroon. Our comprehensive exploration of Yaoundé includes stops at the National Museum, where artifacts narrate the nation’s history, and the Ethnographic Museum, providing insights into the diverse cultural tapestry of Cameroon.

We continue to the iconic Presidential Palace, a symbol of national significance, and explore the vibrant atmosphere of the old market. Amidst these cultural encounters, we’ll have the opportunity to indulge in traditional Cameroonian cuisine, savoring the distinct flavors that define the region.

As the day concludes, dinner awaits at our selected hotel in Yaoundé, promising not only a comfortable stay but also a restorative overnight experience.

Akok Bekoe

After breakfast, our itinerary unfolds with a visit to the Mefou Primate Park, a sanctuary dedicated to the well-being and conservation of gorillas. This immersive experience offers a unique opportunity to witness these magnificent creatures in a natural habitat, contributing to the park’s crucial conservation efforts.

Following our primate encounter, our journey proceeds to Ebogo. Navigating the lush scenery along the Nyong River, we will arrive at the awe-inspiring spectacle of Cameroon’s largest tree, soaring to a remarkable height of 80 meters. A testament to the country’s natural wonders, this landmark stands as a testament to the breathtaking biodiversity found within Cameroon’s jungles.

Our exploration extends to the Akok Bekoé pygmy cave, a site steeped in mystery and folklore. As we delve into the secrets held by this cave, it is worth noting that photographing it without the guardian’s permission is believed to render it invisible—a fascinating aspect of local legend.

As the day concludes, we retreat to our accommodation in Yaoundé, ensuring a comfortable and rejuvenating overnight stay. Join us as we intertwine natural marvels, wildlife conservation, and cultural mysteries in this leg of our Cameroon exploration.

Village of Lolodorf

Following a  breakfast, our expedition leads us to the village of Lolodorf, a unique opportunity to gain profound insights into the customs and culture of the Pygmy community residing there. The Pygmies graciously welcome us into their world, sharing their age-old traditions and customs. Through captivating displays of tribal costumes and traditional dances, they offer a vivid portrayal of their cultural heritage.

Our exploration extends beyond the village, as we embark on a leisurely stroll in the surrounding area. This immersive experience allows us to witness firsthand the symbiotic relationship the Pygmies maintain with nature, providing a glimpse into their harmonious way of life.

As the day unfolds, we retire to our selected hotel in Kribi, where dinner awaits, promising both culinary delights and a comfortable accommodation. Join us on this culturally enriching journey, where the customs of the Pygmy community offer a window into the richness of Cameroon’s cultural diversity.


Following  breakfast, our journey proceeds to Kribi, the second-largest port in Cameroon. This coastal town, adorned with a picturesque beach and a bustling local market, invites exploration into its maritime charm and vibrant culture. Kribi is renowned for its abundance of fresh seafood, and we will have the opportunity to savor these delights in several local restaurants offering authentic Cameroonian cuisine.

Our itinerary further unfolds with a visit to the awe-inspiring Lobe waterfalls. This extraordinary natural wonder presents a unique spectacle as the cascading waters flow directly into the ocean, creating a mesmerizing fusion of freshwater and seawater.

As the day transitions into evening, we retire to our chosen hotel in Kribi, ensuring a restful overnight stay. Join us on this coastal odyssey as we explore the maritime allure of Kribi and witness the breathtaking convergence of nature’s forces at the Lobe waterfalls.

Douala Edea National Park

Post breakfast, our day unfolds with a remarkable adventure—a close encounter with chimpanzees on Edea Island. This unique experience takes place within the Douala-Edea Wildlife Reserve, an expansive sanctuary spanning over 1050 hectares. This reserve serves as a haven for numerous primates, including chimpanzees who have found refuge through conservation and anti-poaching initiatives.

As we navigate through the reserve, the captivating presence of these primates offers an up-close and personal experience with these remarkable creatures. The encounter provides valuable insights into the conservation efforts dedicated to preserving the natural habitat of chimpanzees and other primates.

As the day concludes, we retire to our accommodation in Buea, ensuring a comfortable and restorative overnight stay. Join us on this journey as we contribute to the protection of wildlife and immerse ourselves in the wonder of nature’s inhabitants.

Buea, Limbe

Following breakfast, our journey takes us to the Wildlife Conservation Center, a vital hub dedicated to the protection of endangered plant and animal species. This center serves as a beacon of conservation efforts, offering a unique opportunity to delve into its operations and witness firsthand the initiatives aimed at safeguarding biodiversity.

Our exploration continues with a visit to the renowned Limbe Botanical Garden, established in 1892. Positioned between the ocean and the majestic Mount Cameroon, this botanical haven has evolved into the region’s principal tourist attraction. The garden’s rich collection of flora and its strategic location create a captivating setting for visitors to immerse themselves in the wonders of nature.

As the day unfolds, we make our way back to Douala, where our exploration concludes. A seamless transfer to the airport is arranged, ensuring a smooth departure. Join us in this culmination of our journey as we contribute to wildlife conservation and explore the natural wonders of Cameroon.

Departure from Douala

As our unforgettable adventure in Cameroon draws to a close, we extend our heartfelt appreciation to each participant. Bidding farewell to the group, we embark on the journey back home, carrying with us cherished memories and newfound insights into the cultural, natural, and wildlife treasures of Cameroon.

We hope this expedition has ignited the spirit of exploration within you, inspiring thoughts of future journeys to the farthest corners of the world. May the experiences shared and the bonds forged during our time in Cameroon serve as a foundation for many more enriching adventures.

Safe travels to all, and may your future explorations be filled with discovery, cultural immersion, and the joy of discovering the world’s wonders. Until we meet again on the next journey!

Cameroon 2024: Miniature of Africa

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