Jordan 2024/2025: Hashemite Kingdom

9 days
04-16-2024 09-17-2024 04-07-2025
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  • Accommodation in high-standard tourist hotels in double rooms.
  • Overnight stay in Bedouin tents.
  • Transport throughout the tour.
  • Airport transfers.
  • English-speaking guide assistance.
  • Local guides assistance.
  • Entrance ticket for the “Amman by night” tour.
  • Exploration of the Citadel in Amman.
  • Entrance ticket to Mount Nebo.
  • Entrance ticket to Petra.
  • Visit to Jerash.
  • Jeep tour in the Wadi Rum desert.

The price does not include

  • International airfare.
  • Customary tips and personal expenses.
  • Meals not mentioned in the program.
  • Travel insurance.

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Travel itinerary

Flight to Amman

Welcome to the commencement of our Jordanian adventure! Our journey kicks off with a seamless passport and baggage check-in, ensuring a smooth start to your travel experience. Soon after, we’ll board a flight destined for Amman, the dynamic capital of Jordan.

As you embark on this meticulously planned expedition, rest assured that every detail has been curated to enhance your travel comfort and provide a seamless transition into the heart of Jordan. Amman, with its rich history and vibrant atmosphere, awaits your exploration.

Jordan 2024: Hashemite Kingdom


Upon arrival in Amman, a seamless transfer will usher you to your selected hotel for a swift check-in process. Following a brief moment of relaxation, an immersive introduction to Jordanian culture beckons—the “Amman by Night” tour.

As we embark on this evening adventure, be prepared to be captivated by the unique ambiance that Amman exudes after dark. Our team is dedicated to ensuring your experience is seamless, memorable, and truly reflective of the rich cultural tapestry that Jordan has to offer.

Amman, Jerash

After breakfast, our day unfolds with a visit to the Citadel, a paramount landmark in Amman. Explore the historical richness of this site, marveling at iconic structures such as the Temple of Hercules and the King Abdullah Mosque. The Citadel stands as a testament to Amman’s deep historical roots, offering panoramic views of the city’s evolving skyline.

Our journey then takes us to Jerash, a city believed to have been founded by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BCE. Traverse the main street, adorned with a captivating array of columns and buildings, encapsulating the grandeur of ancient architecture. Amidst the archaeological wonders, discover the well-preserved ruins of Christian churches, adding an additional layer to Jerash’s historical tapestry.

As the day concludes, we return to Amman for an overnight stay, allowing you to unwind and reflect on the cultural treasures explored.

Madaba, Nebo, Petra by Night

Following a nourishing breakfast, our journey unfolds as we venture towards Madaba, a city steeped in Christian history. Our next destination is the sacred Mount Nebo, where the summit provided Moses with a divine glimpse of the Promised Land.

In the afternoon, we traverse the gravel and sand desert road, leading us to the awe-inspiring city of Petra. Upon arrival, we engage in an immersive evening light and sound show, a captivating experience that transports us back in time, unraveling the mysteries of Petra’s ancient marvels from 2,000 years ago.

Our accommodation for the night is strategically located in the thriving city of Wadi Musa, a hub flourishing with vitality and growth, fueled by the influx of tourists drawn to the enchanting wonders of Petra.


Today marks a highlight of our journey as we explore one of the Seven Wonders of the World—Petra, a testament to Jordan’s proud heritage and a marvel of nature. Our immersive experience begins with a journey through the Al-Siq gorge, a breathtaking passage that unfolds into a vibrant festival of colors, setting the stage for the grandeur that awaits.

As we traverse the Al-Siq, the rock-cut monuments of Petra come into view, each unveiling the rich history and architectural prowess of this ancient rock city. Time will be dedicated to the exploration of these remarkable structures, offering an opportunity for independent discovery and reflection amid the awe-inspiring surroundings.

Fans of the iconic movie “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” will find themselves transported into the scenes filmed at Petra, particularly the entrance to the temple housing the Holy Grail. The cinematic magic and the historical significance of Petra converge, creating an experience that resonates with both cinematic wonder and archaeological splendor.

Little Petra, Wadi Rum

Following  breakfast, our journey takes us to Little Petra, an intriguing suburb that precedes the main Petra. Our exploration commences with a leisurely walk along the sandy floor of the canyon, unveiling the charm of this smaller but equally enchanting archaeological site. The pinnacle of our visit lies in the discovery of the largest structure in Little Petra—an awe-inspiring temple adorned with towering columns at its entrance.

As we transition from the historical allure of Little Petra, our next destination beckons—an expedition into the captivating Wadi Rum desert. Jordan’s desert landscape holds a unique allure, and our jeep tour through Wadi Rum promises an exhilarating adventure. Here, enthusiasts can engage in rock climbing on challenging walls, or simply choose to unwind “under the stars” in the tranquil desert ambiance.

The day concludes with a spectacular desert sunset, a breathtaking display of colors against the vast expanse of Wadi Rum. Our overnight stay is nestled in traditional Bedouin tents, offering a genuine desert experience that combines adventure, tranquility, and the magic of sleeping beneath the desert sky.

As we orchestrate this professionally guided journey, your experience in Little Petra and Wadi Rum is curated for optimal enjoyment, ensuring a seamless blend of cultural exploration and desert adventure.


After breakfast, our expedition leads us to the mesmerizing shores of the Red Sea as we venture to Jordan’s sole seaport – Aqaba. Nestled between turquoise waters, golden sands, and mountains cascading directly into the sea, Aqaba beckons with its enchanting blend of natural beauty and historical significance.

The Gulf of Aqaba unveils an exotic landscape that delights the senses, offering a harmonious convergence of vibrant marine life and ancient world monuments. The azure waters of the Red Sea, renowned for their clarity and diversity of marine species, create a captivating backdrop for exploration and relaxation.

Aqaba’s allure extends beyond its coastal charm, providing an opportunity to discover magnificent ancient monuments that narrate the rich history of the region. Our professionally guided tour ensures an insightful exploration of Aqaba’s cultural and natural treasures, creating an experience that seamlessly blends relaxation and historical immersion.

Join us as we navigate the captivating landscapes and rich heritage of Aqaba, a destination that captivates with its unique charm and offers a perfect blend of seaside tranquility and cultural exploration.


Following breakfast, our journey unfolds towards the sacred Jordan River, where we will visit the Baptism Site of Jesus Christ. This significant pilgrimage site holds historical and spiritual resonance, allowing for a contemplative exploration of its cultural and religious significance.

As our day continues, we venture to one of Jordan’s most iconic wonders—the Dead Sea. Renowned globally, this extraordinary body of water captivates with its mystical allure and therapeutic properties. Nestled in the lowest point on Earth, the Dead Sea offers an unparalleled experience.

At one of the exclusive Dead Sea beaches, you’ll have the chance to immerse yourself in the mineral-rich waters, a unique opportunity to float effortlessly on the surface due to the sea’s high salt concentration. The rejuvenating properties of the Dead Sea mud further enhance the experience, offering a chance to indulge in the spa-like benefits of this natural wonder.

Departure from Amman

Today marks the end of our adventure in Jordan. After the transfer to the airport, we will bid farewell to the group and head back home, cherishing the memories of the time spent in the shadow of the mesmerizing Petra. We might find ourselves pondering whether Jordan has stolen our hearts.

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Jordan 2024: Hashemite Kingdom

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